What are they?

Adhesive backed ID cards can be lifesavers, especially for companies with high staff turnover and reuse proximity cards.

Adhesive backed cards are exactly that – ID cards that are designed to fit through any standard ID card printer, with an adhesive backing. The backing can be removed so that the card can be adhered to an access card.

Why use Adhesive Backed Cards?

Access Cards like clamshell or thicker technology cards are normally too thick to fit through an ID card printer, so printing an adhesive backed card then adhering its label to an access card may be the only way to imprint the access card.

Their use also can save alot of money and also be more environmentally friendly by making reuse of relatively expensive access cards extremely easy.

Adhesive backed cards can also be printed with photo ID, so this often removes the need for staff to carry two separate cards, as they can now be combined into one.

When employees leave or cards need to be reused, the adhesive card can be removed and a new one printed. This offers a simple solution which is often more cost effective than replacing access cards each time a change is required.

Types of Adhesive Backed Plastic Cards

Adhesive backed ID cards are available in various sizes and styles, to suit a range of needs.

There are 2 sizes available:

CR80 (3.375″ x 2.125″  / 85.6mm x 54mm)- normal credit card size to fit exactly over most cards (but will result in sticky edges on clamshell cards)

CR79 (3.303″ x 2.051″  / 83.9mm x 52.1mm) – undersize – designed  to fit over clamshell cards without leaving sticky edges. Note that it’s important to check your printer supports CR79.

There are 2 backings available:

Paper backed – paper backed adhesive cards tend to be less expensive but beware that may cause printer jams if they are too thin for the printer (as the ID card printers are generally designed to deal with cards that are less flexible). We offer different thicknesses to suit your requirements

Adhesive backed cards are however not recommended for use with reverse transfer printers or when lamination is needed. If you’re using adhesive cards with pre-slotted or punched access control cards, you will need a punch to create a matching hole. Punching should be done after the card is printed, to avoid causing damage to the printer’s printhead.

For further advice on adhesive backed cards, including which type will work best with your printer, contact our team.