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Retractable Badge Reels

At Red Strawberry, we have one of the UK’s largest range of badge reels and accessories to choose from. From a small single order to help you carry your ID card, to supplying your entire company with an easy way to keep their access cards handy, we can often send out any size order to you within 1-2 days of you ordering.

Our badge reels come in different sizes and materials, including some heavy duty badge reels for heavy usage in bars or restaurants. ,They can all be customised with your branding and logo.

Looking for key reels? Our key reels can come with a range of attachments. Browse our range today.

Need to get ID card holders to go with your badge reels? Check out our ID card accessories.

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Retractable Badge Reels FAQ’s

A badge reel is rather like a small yoyo that you can clip onto your belt or clothing. It holds your ID card, security pass, access card or smartcard at the end of it’s retractable cord.

Badge reels are used to keep you security pass, smartcard or access card displayed and handy for when you need to use your card to gain access to a controlled area as or till. The retractable cord allows for easy swiping, contact to the access control point or to show to a security guard while remaining attached to your clothing. This is handy for quick access to the card while also minimising and preventing loss of cards.

The plastic strap on the end of the retractable cord is designed to fit into the slots provided on ID Card Holders. We also sell pre-punched slotted cards or slot punches that will attach directly to the badge reel without the need for a card holder.

Most often retractable badge reels have a metal clip on the back of the reel that will clip over your waistband, belt or a pocket on your clothing. We also sell carabiner badge reels. These have an integrated metal carabiner clip that will open and close allowing the badge reel to be attached more securely to your belt loop, button hole, handbag, lanyard or keyring!

Of course, but they are generally designed for only holding 1 lightweight item like an ID badge with it’s card holder. We do also sell retractable keychains and heavy duty badge reels that can hold heavier weights and withstand heavy usage – please check using the filter to the left to find different specifications for your needs.

Badge reels with logos or messages are great with for brand awareness among staff or as an eye-catching branded promotional item. Our team is able to custom print anything you need onto our badge reels in bulk quantities.

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