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ID Card Holders and Clips

Our large range of ID badge holders and clips includes everything you’ll need to display your id badges, or keep your security pass or smartcard handy. If you don’t find what you need, please let us know!

Our ID card holders complement our wide select of badge reels, lanyards and retractable keychains.

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ID Card Holders and Clips FAQ’s

We have many options to suit any organisation. You can choose from:
· Different sizes
· Various materials, including vinyl card holders or rigid plastic card holders
· Flexible or rigid holders
· Horizontally or vertically orientated
· Extra features such as thumb holes and extractor slides for easy access

In addition, you can choose whether to attach the holder with a lanyard, clip or badge reel. Badge reels are retractable gadgets that allow easy access, also reduce the number of lost cards.

Rigid plastic card holders – these are the most popular type of card holder, these are made from rigid plastic to protect the card. They are often used in access control and smart cards.
Flexible vinyl card holders – also very popular, with several size and colour options available
Coloured plastic card holders – helpful for segmenting card wearers by department or access level. Available in both flexible and rigid types. The flexible enclosed card holders are often only coloured at the top of the holder to help identify wearers but keep the card clearly visible.
Armband card holders – these are often used in industry, security and for highly active workers in any sector. They are safe and do not get in the worker’s way while completing physical tasks.
Environmentally friendly card holders – these are made from biodegradable materials and are great for sustainability.

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