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Looking for the perfect lanyards? We’ve got you covered. From personalised to plain or pre-printed lanyards to safer triple breakaway lanyards, they are ideal for company lanyards, ID badges, cards, or keys. Our extensive range of lanyards is perfect for securely carrying ID cards, suited to workplaces with increased security needs.

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Lanyards FAQ’s

Lanyards have many uses, including:
● Displaying ID badges clearly
● Holding access cards securely and conveniently
● Business use
● Giveaways at events
● Raising awareness of charitable causes

Lanyards are getting more and more popular in the corporate world as well as education, healthcare, catering, conferences, events and charities. Also used from special events at music festivals to large offices needing extra security and restaurants where the waiters use mobile devices to take orders remotely.

Anything you like! Your logo, organisation name or anything else. The print area is large enough for details like your website, telephone number and logo. You can choose the colours, images and material and we’re happy to design your lanyard for you.

We recommend our lanyards have a safety breakaway, which disconnects the fastening when enough force is applied. This helps protect the wearer from harm in case the lanyard is caught, tugged or looped around another object.

To attach the ID badge, our lanyards have a clip made of either plastic or metal. There are several attachment options to choose from, including a trigger clip, PVC ID badge strap, split keyring, bulldog clip, swivel hook, lobster clip, J-hook or even a retractable badge reel.

For short term use like events and conferences, lanyards with a trigger clip attachment are ideal. Where advertising your brand and logo is a priority, choose full colour, extra wide lanyards to make the most of the space.

If safety is a concern, a safety breakaway is essential. Lanyards with double or triple safety breakaways are becoming more popular too, particularly for use in secure environments. We recommend our lanyards come with a breakaway as standard. In low light areas, such as concerts, reflective lanyards help identity staff clearly.
Whatever you’re using your lanyards for, we’re happy to advise you on the best type.

  • Keep important documents handy, such as access cards
  • Breakaway clips are a pretty much standard built-in safety feature
  • Advertise your logo in clear sight
  • Low cost per item
  • Various lengths, widths, materials and clips are available
  • Anti-bacterial lanyards are available, ideal for use in healthcare
  • Versatile – they have a use in many settings, from corporate offices to healthcare to events
  • Recycled or biodegradable materials are available as environmentally friendly options
  • Optional retractable lanyards for extra convenience

Lanyards are an inexpensive way of holding ID cards and badges. As a promotional tool, they are worth their weight in gold. The beauty of lanyards is they can be produced in large volumes for a very low cost per item – perfect for employees and for giveaways at events.

Do you have any other questions?

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Do you have any other questions?
Get in touch today!

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