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Plastic Card Holders - Rigid

Our low prices and large range mean you can buy the UK’s lowest priced rigid ID Badge Holders from us from just 7p each!

Plastic ID card holders are a perfect way to display and protect ID cards and access cards. Our rigid card holders are easily attached to lanyards to wear around the neck, or on badge reels or clips attached to your clothing. They are the most popular way to securely protect ID cards and access cards, allowing clear display of plastic cards, making your staff, visitors and contractors easily identifiable! The integrated slots simply attach to lanyards, badge reels or clips.

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Plastic Card Holders - Rigid FAQ’s

All our plastic card holders come with central slots designed to fit onto the plastic straps of ID card clips and badge reels. These slots are also suitable for other clips commonly used, like the trigger clips of lanyards. ID badge holders nearly always also have 2 outer holes, one to the left and one to the right, to accommodate a beaded chain lanyard or the J clips of open double ended lanyards (useful to keep the photo ID card facing forward!). If you want to check out our open double ended lanyards please visit our main lanyards page and use the left side filter to select.

All our card holders securely hold cards. If you have high security badges we can provide enclosed plastic card holders that have secure locks to prevent tampering. We also offer extra security holders that protect against card skimming for cards storing sensitive information.

The rigidity of plastic card holders are the reason for their popularity over vinyl card holders. The cheaper rigid holders are popular in all walks kinds of workplaces from education to offices and shops. While the likes of the contractors and the building trade find they give the cards protection from everyday rough handling. The more expensive speciality ID card holders are the rigid enclosed holders specially suitable for higher risk environments like food processing, hospitals, prisons and police forces.

For larger orders ie 500+, we may be able to. Please contact our team to discuss this and we’ll see what we can do!

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