Here at Red Strawberry we offer a range of eco friendly lanyards for those wanting to be more environmentally friendly.

The best choices for eco friendly lanyards are bamboo and PET lanyards.

Bamboo Eco Friendly Lanyards

Bamboo is a planet-friendly choice for lanyards in part thanks to its growth speed and its strength. Its fast growth makes replenishing the planet with bamboo a much quicker process. Incredibly, it’s able to grow as much as 1.5 inches per hour. In lanyards, the strength of bamboo makes it an ideal choice as the lanyard is very resilient, giving a reliable option that is (very importantly) long lasting. Better still, as a natural product, bamboo is biodegradable so at the end of its life it breaks down at landfill or recycling stations.

Bamboo lanyards have another huge bonus in that they naturally resist bacteria. ‘Bamboo kun’ is a unique antibacterial bio-agent that is produced by the bamboo, preventing bacteria and sweaty odours. This makes it a perfect option for lanyards used in active places such as industrial jobs, childcare, healthcare and more.

PET Eco Friendly Lanyards

Lanyards made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) are created from recycled plastic materials. They are made to be very durable.

It is a very popular choice for badge lanyards due to the reduced amounts of petroleum required to produce it. This makes it more eco friendly as emissions are greatly reduced.

View our range of eco friendly bamboo and PET lanyards here.

If you’re not sure what type of lanyard will work best for you, speak to us and we’ll be happy to help.